Reporting to detail shop management, produce a clean vehicle for auction which will bring the highest dollar value and reflect favorably on the corporate image. Perform all duties as assigned. Must know, practice and ensure that company policies and procedures and state or federal laws are followed at all times.
Job Description:
Job Description:
Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Make sure customers receive prompt, efficient and courteous attention from all employees.
2. Will perform a variety of vehicle cleaning tasks such as (but not limited to) wash rack worker, line detailer, polisher or buffer, vacuum and shampoo carpets, interior cleaning and detailing, window cleaning, and any other tasks as assigned by detail shop management to prepare vehicle for auction.
3. Inspect the quality of work performed prior to the vehicle moving to the next phase of reconditioning.
4. Work within established company and auction safety procedures and guidelines to ensure safety and security for all employees and property. Report all accidents and incidents immediately to detail shop management.
5. Maintain good operating condition of equipment and facilities. Advise detail shop management of all equipment
breakdowns and maintenance needs immediately.
6. Practice and promote teamwork at all times. Set a good personal example of attitude and performance.
7. Make sure that the detailing area conditions do not pose a threat to the safety of customers or employees. Respond to and follow proper procedures on employee and customer accidents, injuries, or loss or damage of property. Advise detail shop management immediately of all incidents or unsafe conditions.
Educational Requirements and Qualifications:
High School Diploma or GED preferred. Must be qualified to operate a motor vehicle and possess a valid driver's

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